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About Us

Our M-Reel® yard in Fitjar, with most of the reels out on jobs

About our company

The supplier of the well known M-Reel®

The services of supplying M-Reels® with associated equipment to the market was started in 2004 as the M-Reel AS company and continued under the present name of M-Reel AS which still utilize the founders patents for this purpose.

The goal of the M-Reel® design was to enable a quick, cost saving and environmentally better way to supply to and retrieve used reels from projects throughout the world. Even though the assembly and dismantling of the M-Reels® require personnel and tools to be brought to the work location, our goal is always to be a more cost efficient than what is the case for shipping of standard reels by freighters.

All our equipment is designed according to recognized standards and with DNV as third party for review of the design, calculation and manufacturing.

Terje H. Houen

Managing Director / Founder

Certified for lifting and tested payload weights

Quick and Safe supply of M-Reels®